Forest Resource Management
Partnerships and achievements


Many Canadians feel an affinity for the forest given its abundance and prominence in the pursuit of recreation, wilderness and wildlife interests. As citizens of a country dominated by forests, many interested parties care about the sustainability of forest resources and the extensive benefits to society that they provide.

To understand the perspectives of Canadians and civil society groups with an interest in forests, Tembec maintains an active role as a member or participant in a variety of cross-sectoral partnerships and organizations.  Through engagement with these organizations, Tembec has both contributed to and benefited from best practices in environmental and social performance delivered by these organizations.  Key themes of Tembec’s approach to forest management, including Forest Stewardship Council certification, protection of rare threatened and endangered species, and Aboriginal relations, have emerged from and been enhanced by these initiatives.


World Wildlife Funds – Canada

When the World Wildlife Fund – Canada (WWF) approached Tembec to certify its forests according to the strict standards of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), we rose to the challenge and took a hands-on approach with field-testing involving thousands of hours of work to make it happen. For us, it was a win-win. FSC certification became a strategic part of our business model, enabling us to improve the practice of forestry, build on our relationships with First Nations, and help ensure well-managed forests for generations to come.

Other partners:

Forestry research

The practice of forest management is constantly evolving as forests are influenced by climate and natural conditions. Market conditions provide opportunities for the development of new forest products and civil society places ever changing demands on a public resource. Research and the application of new findings into operational practice are key aspects of continuously improving the implementation of forest management. Tembec is an advocate of collaborative research, and has been an important catalyst and participant in forest science initiatives in Quebec and in Ontario.

The key to Tembec’s forest science activity is partnerships; these partnerships are generally managed through the Canadian Institute of Forestry and the NSERC-UQAT-UQAM Industrial Sustainable Forest Management Chair and the Forest Ecosystem Science Co-op, to name a few. Tembec contributes to the training of highly qualified personnel by integrating many graduate students in its research and development activities through the NSERC-FQRNT Industrial Innovation Scholarships program.  An overview of the forest research effort that Tembec has supported since 2000 is available on the websites forestresearch.ca and chaireafd.uqat.ca.

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