Forest Resource Management

Northern Ontario West (NOW)

Gordon Cosens and Hearst Forests

Tembec’s Forest Resource Management (FRM) group in Kapuskasing is responsible for forest management planning and forestry operations on the Gordon Cosens Forest. Tembec also has forest operations on the Hearst Forest which is managed by Hearst Forest Management Inc. (HFMI). 

Tembec is a shareholder in the HFMI co-op. The Gordon Cosens and Hearst Forests supply conifer fibre to Tembec’s paper mill and sawmill complex in Kapuskasing and the Tembec sawmill in Hearst as well as other non Tembec mills in the region. The FRM group ensures that its forestry operations are conducted in a manner which ensures the safety of its employees and the public while protecting the environment.

Tembec’s FRM group in Kapuskasing leads forestry planning in the Gordon Cosens Forest. The group is responsible for developing the 10 year Forest Management Plan (FMP) which includes a detailed description and mapping of logging and renewal operations and the development of road access planned for a five-year period. It also prepares the Annual Work Schedule (AWS) which identifies the location of operations scheduled for implementation during the year. The AWS includes information on the areas scheduled for harvest, road construction/maintenance, renewal, tending and protection operations.

Hearst Forest Management Inc. (HFMI) holds the Sustainable Forest License (SFL) for the Hearst Forest and is responsible for forestry planning on the Hearst Forest. Tembec is an HFMI shareholder. 


The GCF has been certified under the National Boreal Standard of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) since 2003. It was the first public forest FSC certified in Canada. The Hearst Forest has been certified since 2011.

FSC Certificate RA-FM/COC-000241
Licence FSC®-C006798
Gordon Cosens Forest
FSC Certificate RA-FM/COC-005437
Licence FSC®-C092691
Hearst Forest

Public participation

To harmonize land uses, Tembec consults with other forest users and Aboriginal communities through meetings and other more formal consultation processes. To this end, those wishing to receive information or to provide comments on Tembec operations on the Gordon Cosens and Hearst Forests can do so at any time using the contact information provided below.
For information contact Tembec’s forestry office in Kapuskasing dial: 705-337-9803


Darren Ethier
General Manager
Phone: 705-337-9784
1, Government Road, P.O. Box 100, Kapuskasing (Ontario), P5N 2Y2

Kevin Del Guidice, R.P.F.
Planning Superintendent
Phone: 705-337-9773
1, Goverment road, P.O. Box 100, Kapuskasing (Ontario), P5N 2Y2

For more information



Available online

Upon request

  • Gordon Cosens Pre-Industrial Condition Report (PIC)
  • Gordon Cosens High Conservation Value (HCV) Report
  • Gordon Cosens Monitoring Plan

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