Forest Resource Management
Forest resources management

Tembec teams manage nearly 9 million hectares of forestlands in keeping with responsible forest management practices.

Health and Safety for all employees

Tembec is commited to provide employees with a working environment that is healthy and safe

Pioneers in forest certification

We had the foresight to be pioneers in forest certification : going beyond compliance, demonstrating Tembec’s social responsibility.

Involved in forest research

Tembec is working with various partners to develop new approaches to forest management and new forest products through research activities.

Engagement with environmental groups

Tembec has a substantial track record of working closely and effectively with environmental organizations.


We work in partnership with key players like WWF to ensure well-managed forests for generations to come.


We manage the forests we depend on in a responsible manner for the benefit of all.

For Tembec, trees provide the raw ingredients, such as fiber, from which the company’s products are derived. Forests are more than trees and well-managed forests can provide a range of products and integral ecosystem services to meet society’s needs.


Our forests

Tembec directly manages nearly 9 million hectares (about 22 million acres) of Canadian forestlands in keeping with responsible forest management practices. Learn more about our forestry operations. 



Tembec is committed to the safety of it’s employees, the responsible stewardship of our forest licenses and respectful relations and partnership with local and Aboriginal communities.


Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions? We can provide answers. Visit this section to know more about certain aspects of our operations. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team.


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